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Product Details:

  • Product Name: Mitoxantrone
  • CAS #: 65271-80-9
  • Mode of Action:

    Mitoxantrone, a DNA-reactive agent that intercalates into deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) through hydrogen bonding, causes crosslinks and strand breaks. Mitoxantrone also interferes with ribonucleic acid (RNA) and is a potent inhibitor of topoisomerase II, an enzyme responsible for uncoiling and repairing damaged DNA. It has a cytocidal effect on both proliferating and nonproliferating cultured human cells, suggesting lack of cell cycle phase specificity.

  • Pharmacodynamics:

    Mitoxantrone has been shown in vitro to inhibit B cell, T cell, and macrophage proliferation and impair antigen presentation, as well as the secretion of interferon gamma, TNFa, and IL-2.

  • Metabolism:


  • Toxicity:

    Severe leukopenia with infection.

  • IUPAC: 1, 4-dihydroxy-5, 8-bis({2-[(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]ethyl}amino)-9, 10-dihydroanthracene-9, 10-dione
  • ATC: L01DB07
  • PubChem: 4212
  • DrugBank: DB01204 (APRD00371)
  • Formula: C15H16O2
  • Molecular Mass: 444.4809
  • Synonyms: Mitoxanthrone Mitoxantron
  • AHFS Code: 10:00.0
  • General Reference:

    1. Fox EJ: Management of worsening multiple sclerosis with mitoxantrone: a review. Clin Ther. 2006 Apr;28(4):461-74. Pubmed

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