Spotlight on Posaconazole: A Leading Antifungal Medication

Spotlight on Posaconazole: A Leading Antifungal Medication


Posaconazole CAS No:171228-49-2

Posaconazole is a type of oral triazole antifungal API that has shown a high rate of efficacy for a number of fungal conditions without the risk of severe side effects. While many antifungal medications have ostensibly similar jobs, each one has their own limitations and patient disadvantages. Posaconazole was developed as an alternative on the market to help immune-compromised patients get the relief they need without the risk.

Inhibiting Fungus Growth

Like many fungal medications, Posaconazole actively interferes with the ergosterol of the fungus, making it harder for the fungus to multiply. However, it takes a slightly different approach by working against the cytochrome P-450 enzyme. By blocking this enzyme, the fungus either won’t be able to grow or it will expedite fungal cell death. It’s similar in chemical makeup to Itraconazole, but it replaces the fluorine in the phenyl ring with chlorine instead. This switch makes Posaconazole more powerful and flexible when it comes to handling different strains and strengths of common fungi. Posaconazole is processed through the liver and can take up to five hours to absorb into the body.

How It’s Used

Posaconazole is generally prescribed to immunocompromised patients with fungal conditions. It was successfully tested against a broad spectrum of common yeasts and fungi, such as Aspergillus and Mucor. Posaconazole has shown particular promise to treat the zygomycetes and Fusarium species of fungus. As fungus continues to mutate to adapt to new medications, Posaconazole may be an effective alternative where other methods fail and can be used across the board for mild and deadly diseases alike. It can just as easily be prescribed to someone with a mild yeast infection, as a patient diagnosed with the deadly Chagas Disease.

The Big Picture

The number of immunocompromised individuals around the world only continues to increase as life expectancy does the same. Posaconazole was developed to be a safe and effective alternative to harsher medications that are currently on the market. For example, Amphotericin B is effective at killing off infections, but the strength of the actual chemicals also inspired severe reactions such as high fevers or GI disruptions in certain immunocompromised patients. When it comes to efficacy rates for certain strains, Posaconazole may fare better in the long-term than other fungal inhibitors. For example, after 14 days of clinical trials for patients with Oropharyngeal Candidiasis, Fluconazole had a slight edge over Posaconazole (92.5% vs. 91.7%.) But after a full four weeks had passed, the success rates shifted to favor Posaconazole at 68.5% vs. 61.8%.

Easier on the Body

Posaconazole is also easier for the body to handle, and existing evidence suggests there are no adverse reactions to accidentally taking too much of drug. In clinical trials, participants on the higher doses had roughly similar experiences to those on the lower doses. When one person mistakenly took 2,400 milligrams of Posaconazole a day for three days (which was 800 milligrams higher than the highest dose in the trial), they found that the participant’s health remained unharmed. And while it’s true that Posaconazole will clash with other types of medications, it also doesn’t have nearly as many limitations as its cousin Itraconazole.

The Promise of LGM Pharma

Posaconazole has shown enormous potential for fighting off fungal infections that may not have responded to other forms of treatment or in patients who need an effective oral treatment. But Posaconazole is just one type of API carried by LGM Pharma. We make it our mission to understand where our APIs fit into the larger market, making us an invaluable resource for researchers, decision-makers, and distributors. Compliance is of the utmost importance to us which is why we stress flexibility in our organization so that we can adapt to any new changes. As healthcare continues to evolve, we will continue to offer the APIs our clients need to conduct their business as efficiently as possible.

LGM Pharma

LGM Pharma is an innovation-driven API company, involved in distribution of quality cGMP pharma ingredients to leading pharmaceutical companies.

We specialize in streamlining the API supply chain management throughout all development and commercial stages while providing complete technical capabilities, expert regulatory support as well as other value-added services.

LGM Pharma offers a wide range of APIs to leading pharmaceutical companies. It’s our goal to provide up-to-date information and new products as they emerge on the market as well as for older molecules that are available in generic form. Our customers expect and receive access to a number of heavily regulated products, but our benefits extend far beyond stocking products. LGM Pharma offers invaluable consultative support throughout every stage of an API’s development. From initial research stages up to final drug approval and commercialization, we have the necessary expertise for spotting the potential hiccups so our customers are always informed and prepared. LGM’s extensive technical & regulatory knowledge as well as impeccable supply chain management give us an edge and make us a trusted source for researchers, scientists, company leaders, and API procurement managers from around the globe.


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