LGM Pharma responds to soaring Potassium Iodide demands in the US amidst fears of radiation contamination in Japan and West Coast

LGM Pharma responds to soaring Potassium Iodide demands in the US amidst fears of radiation contamination in Japan and West Coast


Photograph courtesy Tokyo Electric Power Company via Kyodo/AP

For several years now, LGM Pharma has been a leading supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to various global pharmaceutical firms involved in the research and development of old and new therapeutic chemical entities. In its commitment to improving health opportunities all over the world, the company has forged a longstanding partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, Eli Lilly and Merck, just to name a few of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry. Currently, the company supplies over 2,500 active pharmaceutical ingredients to its global clients. Among these is Potassium Iodide CAS# 7681-11-0.

The latest national earthquake and consequent nuclear reactor leaks in Japan brought potassium iodide sales to the ceiling. From Fukushima, Japan to Los Angeles, USA, concerned residents wasted no time in grabbing their own supply of potassium iodide which is available in the U.S. as over the counter (OTC) pills.  The pills are available as 65 mg and 130 mg doses for child and adult, respectively. These pills have been shown to exhibit protective thyroid properties by blocking the formation of tumors caused by high radiation levels.

Though unanticipated, the sudden surge in the demand for potassium iodide pills after a nuclear disaster has not been surprising to the medical and pharmaceutical community. The UN Scientific Committee has named thyroid cancer as the Chernobyl nuclear disaster’s biggest negative health impact to the immediate community residents. In its February 2011 report, more than 6,000 residents from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia have been diagnosed with thyroid cancer as of 2006 since acquiring dangerous levels of radiation in their bodies during the time of the incident.

Though the extent of the Fukushima incident is nothing like the Chernobyl disaster, that hasn’t stopped a lot of the West Coast residents from being prepared for the worst. Quick to respond to the world’s health demands is LGM Pharma. The Japan quake has firmly reiterated the company’s commitment to filling in the gaps in the supply chain of the active pharmaceutical ingredient, Potassium Iodide CAS# 7681-11-0 to it’s pharmaceutical clients involved in its research, development and global distribution.

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