Fentanyl Shortage Creates a Painful Situation

Fentanyl Shortage Creates a Painful Situation

Fentanyl CAS# 437-38-7As a rapid acting pain medication, Fentanyl is an efficacious and tolerable treatment for moderate to severe pain. The news on August 26, 2013 of a continued shortage of this pain relieving remedy has created concern among the medical community. Emergency medical services are proponents of the use of Fentanyl over morphine for pain, as are many hospital and surgical centers. With a 30 minute wait for total pain relief, Fentanyl outperforms Morphine, which often takes up to 4 hours for patients to experience cessation of pain. Besides being a shorter-acting pain reliever, Fentanyl does not usually induce hypotension, unlike morphine. Patients who have been administered Fentanyl for pain report on average less adverse effects like nausea and vomiting in comparison to patients who have been administered morphine. Additionally, the use of Fentanyl in a pre-hospital or emergency services setting has proven to be safe and effectual for patients, as the administration of this pain relieving drug does not tend to cause respiratory depression or distress, sedation or hypoxemia. With all of the benefits of Fentanyl it is obvious that the current shortage of this crucial pain treatment will make caring for patients afflicted with pain quite a challenge.

Mu opioid receptorFentanyl is effective as it acts mainly via an interaction with the opioid mu receptors in the brain. This interaction creates both analgesia and euphoria, without the plethora of adverse side effects of comparable medications such as morphine. The use of Fentanyl is recommended for patients suffering from moderate to severe pain, including burn victims. Several brands of Fentanyl are nearing patent expiration as well. On April 20, 2018 Lazanda will reach its patent expiration. Abstral has a patent expiration of September 24, 2019 and Fentora will see the end of its patent on March 26, 2019.

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