Difluprednate Stands the Test of Time

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Difluprednate Stands the Test of Time

DifluprednateThe first topical steroid, Difluprednate, known as the brand name Durezol, continues to prove itself year after year. As a difluorinated derivative of prednisolone, Difluprednate has been indicated to treat both eye pain and inflammation after surgery, as well as anterior uveitis. A recent clinical trial published on June 18, 2013 indicated success for participants who were dosed with Difluprednate following cataract surgery. The study, conducted by Sirion Therapeutics Incorporated, involved over 200 patients in a randomized and double-blind setting. With detailed conclusions yet to be revealed, initial results point to a new indication for the use of Difluprednate for use following cataract surgery. While Difluprednate is currently indicated for use to lessen inflammation after general eye surgery, the use of this efficacious eye drop after cataract surgery looks to be beneficial for patients and practitioners alike. The patent for Durezol has an expiration of May 18, 2019, leaving open possibilities for quality generic Difluprednate products.

Administration of Difluprednate eye drops are usually given 24 hours after eye surgery. Drops should be instilled four times daily, starting after the first 24 hours has passed, in the conjunctival sac of the affected eye. The four times daily dosing schedule is consistent for the first two weeks of postoperative care, and then changed to a twice a day for one week. Some patients may also continue to be tapered off of the Difluprednate drops for one additional week.

Mild side effects have been reported from the use of Difluprednate drops after ocular surgery, like discomfort or irritation at the application site and a foreign body sensation. These side effects have been reported by patients to disappear once treatment with Difluprednate ceases.

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