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New Indication Approval

Known as the prostate cancer powerhouse treatment Zytiga, Abiraterone Acetate has recently become a sales powerhouse for Medivation. The reason for the hype centers on a new indication for this potent anti-cancer drug, specifically as an efficacious pre-chemo treatment. Initial FDA approval for Abiraterone was for post-chemotherapy only. As a post-chemo treatment Zytiga was by[…]

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On September 6, 2013 the FDA approved a new indication for the formidable pancreatic cancer drug Paclitaxel. Known as the brand name Abraxane, which is marketed by Celgene, Paclitaxel is now officially indicated for the first-line treatment of patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer. Paclitaxel will be used in a combination treatment, alongside Gemcitabine, to treat[…]

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