Ancrod present favorable benefit-risk outcomes in ischemic stroke patients

Ancrod present favorable benefit-risk outcomes in ischemic stroke patients

ischemic-stroke-pathophysiologyStroke is the leading cause of neurologic disability in the US and Europe among adults. Worldwide, it is the second leading cause of death, trailing after coronary artery disease (CAD) in developed nations. In an ischemic stroke, the patient’s blood supply to certain parts of the brain is decreased, resulting to loss of function in that area that might or might not be restored, depending on the response time of treatment. Usually, the brain cells stop to function if deprived of oxygen supply for more than 90 seconds and becomes irreversibly damaged after 3 hours.

A randomized controlled study done by David G. Sherman et al. in community hospitals across the US and Canada found favorable outcomes in ischemic stroke patients being treated with Ancrod within 3 hours of the onset compared to those who were on placebo. Mortality rates were not significantly different between the two groups but the functional disability of those patients on placebo was higher than those treated with Ancrod. These results proved that Ancrod presents improved clinical outcomes for ischemic stroke patients. However, this trial was considered too small to have made any lasting impact on the medical community.

The window of opportunity to prevent irreversible brain injuries in ischemic stroke patients is very narrow, which is why this time is very critical in ensuring that appropriate measures including pharmacological therapy is applied. Ancrod is one of those drugs used in the treatment. Unfortunately, this drug has been overshadowed by its more famous counterparts such as the thrombolytic and antiplatelet agents. Presently, there are several drug companies researching the full potential of Ancrod, seeing that the study initiated by David G. Sherman and his team pointed to a novel class of drugs for acute ischemic stroke treatment.

LGM Pharma supplies Ancrod CAS# 9046-56-4 to these companies, facilitating their research and development. Since clinical trials are costly and timing is critical, these drug companies rely on LGM Pharma to supply this chemical entity in a timely manner, wherever in the world they may be.

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