Alvimopan Aids Patients Postoperatively After Bowel Surgery

Alvimopan Aids Patients Postoperatively After Bowel Surgery

alvimopanAlvimopan, CAS numbers 170098-38-1 and 156053-89-3 is the first and the only medication approved by the FDA to help the bowel recover more quickly after bowel surgery. The brand name of alvimopan, known as Entereg, was approved in 2008 to accelerate the time for upper and lower gastrointestinal (GI) recovery following partial large or small bowel resection surgery with primary anastomosis. In a class of drugs called peripherally acting mu-opioid receptor antagonists, alvimopan is an essential medication to aid in the recovery of patients who have recently had bowel surgery. Alvimopan is effective by protecting the bowel from the effects of opioids, or narcotic medications that are used to treat pain after surgery. By easing the post-surgical recovery process alvimopan makes it easier for patients to eat solid foods and have regular bowel movements.

Studies of alvimopan indicated that bowel recovery time happened 10-26 hours quicker in the patients who took this formidable drug. With common side effects being low blood calcium levels, constipation, heartburn, flatulence and anemia, the benefits of alvimopan greatly outweigh the potential adverse effects. Results of five studies, which encompassed 2,177 patients, revealed that in addition to an extremely faster bowel recovery rate, patients experienced a better general post-operative recovery rate.  Alvimopan is available as a capsule to take by mouth. It is usually taken one time shortly before bowel surgery. After the surgery, it is usually taken twice a day for up to 7 days, or until the patient has been discharged from the hospital. With large numbers of patients receiving narcotic medications for pain, almost all of these patients experienced adverse effects of these pain medications, like stomach pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and constipation. Because these negative side effects often delay the recovery of patients who undergo gastrointestinal surgery, alvimopan acts as a crucial catalyst to help speed up the bowel recovery process.

The patent for Entereg expires on March 29, 2016.  Cubist Pharmaceuticals, the current company marketing Entereg, announced on April 17, 2012 that it’s Phase 4 study of Entereg, or alvimopan, in patients undergoing a radical cystectomy met its primary endpoint of time to achieve recovery of both the upper and lower GI function. In addition, all secondary endpoints, including the length of hospital stay, achieved statistical significance. In a 2012 conference call with Cubist a projection was made stating, “In 2012, expect product contribution of 30% of sales. Could grow to 50% in future years” This forward thinking prediction leads generic researchers to the conclusion that alvimopan is headed for a financially successful future. LGM Pharma is a provider of the API alvimopan, and offers total support to clients throughout the research and development process.

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