Alprostadil a Mainstay for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Alprostadil a Mainstay for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

AlprostadilAlprostadil, CAS# 745-65-3, is also known as the brand name Caverject, which is marketed by Pfizer. This unique injectable medication is used to treat erectile dysfunction, or ED. While some men find the method of delivery difficult, alprostadil is an essential option for many men who cannot take typical oral medications, like viagra and cialis. Due to conditions such as heart problems, especially men taking nitrates, alprostadil is the only choice for maintaining an active and healthy sex life. Only men with conditions which predispose them to priapism, such as sickle cell or multiple myeloma, or men with anatomical deformities of the penis should not use alprostadil.

Possible side effects of this 20 MCG medication is a possible prolonged erection, penile fibrosis, an injection site hematoma and penile pain, which was reported by roughly 37 percent of clinical trial participants. However, for many men this medication is convenient and helpful, as alprostadil works quickly, often giving the patient an erection in as little as 5-20 minutes.

Alprostadil is initially administered in the doctor’s office, and the patient is trained on exactly how to inject himself. By relaxing the smooth muscle tissue and dilating the major artery in the penis, alprostadil is efficacious at enhancing the blood flow to the penis, thereby leading to an erection. Alprostadil should not be used more then three times a week, and leftover solution should be promptly discarded. A full day, or 24 hours should pass between doses as well. Alprostadil should be injected directly into the spongy tissue of the penis.

With close to 20 million American men experienced ED, this condition surely takes a toll on the esteem and emotional stability of the affected patients. J. Francois Eid, M.D., director of the Erectile Dysfunction Unit at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, stated the following shortly after the FDA approval of alprostadil (Caverject): “Caverject represents new hope for the many impotent men and their partners currently suffering in silence. It also represents an important new treatment option for those impotent men not satisfied with their current therapy.” Clearly his point of view accurately depicts the frustrating situation for the many men experiencing ED today. It should be noted that an astounding 85% of men with impotence actually have a physical cause for their ED. This data, compiled by the Impotence Institute of America should be considered by researchers and practitioners before prescribing this, and any ED treatments without a complete medical evaluation of prospective patients.

Clinical trial results from over 200 published reports reveal that 80% of patients diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and treated with alprostadil experienced an erection. Known as Befar and Alprox in other countries, alprostadil is offered as a cream to treat ED in 100 milligram applicator tubes, and manufactured overseas by Nexmed Pharmaceutical. Will a generic formulation of alprostadil become the next drug to treat erectile dysfunction in the U.S.? Contact LGM Pharma today to obtain the alprostadil API and gain access to support through your entire research and development process.


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