Pharma Resources for the General Pharmaceutical and API Industry

Below are some pharma resources compiled specifically for your convenience. The following pharma resources are about the topics that matter the most to the general pharmaceutical and API industry.

Active Pharmaceutical IngredientsActive Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)

Informative article about APIs, the chemicals used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs.

GMPGood Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Regulations, which have the force of law, to ensure that products are safe.

Government RegulationGovernment Regulation

A summary of the process of obtaining an FDA approval for a drug, including: NDA, IND, ANDA, 505(b)(2).

Drug DevelopmentDrug Development Process

A step by step description of the research and processes that result in the development of new medicines.

Regulatory Authorities and RepresentativesRegulatory Authorities and Representatives

A list of various regulatory authorities and representatives in the human and veterinary medicine industry.

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