2017 CPhI North America – Exhibitor Showcase Sponsors

CPhI North America assembled leading pharmaceutical professionals to provide a forum for solving some of the pharmaceutical industry’s most pressing challenges.

One of the highlights of the CPhI North America conference was LGM Pharma’s presentation at the Exhibitor Showcase. The presenter was LGM Pharma’s Commercial Director, pharm Gideon Schurder. He gave an in-depth look at the calamitous effects of recent FDA warning letters and import bans and how this affects the pharmaceutical industry, pills API manufacturers and formulation companies.

Attendee roles covered the complete supply chain. Pharmaceutical executives along with R&D, ask compliance, regulatory, manufacturing, supply chain, packaging, and procurement professionals gathered to build connections, to capitalize on emerging trends, further innovation, and tackle industry challenges.

Some of the top countries in attendance were the U.S., China, India, Canada, UK, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France and Spain.

The Exhibitor Showcase titled, “The Unfortunate Aftermath of the US-FDA Slamming API Factories.” brought forth prime examples of how API factories should have acted to avoid getting themselves into trouble. Mr. Schurder also illustrated how all of this affects patients and what the Trump administration could do in order to mitigate the outcome.

“We were pleased with the accomplishments of LGM Pharma at the CPhI North America conference,” stated Steve Beagle, LGM’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “We brought our client centric business development model to our clients’ projects showcasing our exceptional sourcing capabilities and manufacturer relationships.”


View the “The Unfortunate Aftermath of the US-FDA Slamming API Factories” video/slide presentation below: